We create user experiences
for the Connected TV
using Smartphones   


We help brands and businesses establish a presence in the TV screen without the need for big budgets.

Our clients leverage our R&D and know-how gained in the digital signage industry.

About us

We're a Madrid-based small team that loves big screens and even bigger user experiences. We want to help you profit from the new frontier: the TV.

The TV has been around for a long time and many attempts have been made to make it web-friendly. We can tell: we have a lot of experience with Human-Machine Interaction (HMI), first with touch interfaces, then with gesture recognition, and even with more sci-fi methods like human facial expression recognition. Not to mention using truly awful TV remotes with a million buttons and clunky keyboards on the sofa.
We know, we've been there.

We have concluded* that using a mobile/tablet device as a personal second screen that controls and personalizes the content being displayed on the TV screen is finally delivering what we all wanted: a dead-simple, effortless yet flexible way to watch and interact with web content on the biggest screen in the house: the TV.

* we even started developing our own version of the Chromecast API until Google announced it was doing the same.

What we do

We develop second screen apps for the Google Chromecast platform. This means developing apps for your smartphone that launch and interact with enhanced websites running on your TV (ie on the Chromecast). For instance, you can use your smartphone to launch a website on your TV, and then continue using your phone for something else, while the website plays on the TV.

Our Services

From giving simple advice to designing, building and monetizing, we're your partner.

Chat & Advise
Strategy & Consulting
Design & Development
Measure & Monetize
  • Chat & Advise

    Chat & Advise

    Are you new to all the buzz around second screen experiences, connected TV platforms, and multi-device strategies? Call us.

  • Strategy & Consulting

    Strategy & Consulting

    We put our experience serving the marketing industry and our extensive R&D in human-machine interactions at your service.

  • Design & Development

    Design & Development

    We design and develop second screen experiences for the Google Chromecast using agile and lean methodologies.

  • Measure & Monetize

    Measure & Monetize

    After deployment into production, we can help you monitor and measure your experience's 2 or 3 key metrics, such as user engagement, and help you excel at monetizing it.

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We're a Madrid-based small team that loves big screens and even bigger user experiences. Let us help you with what we love doing.

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